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Let's Talk Jenna Fundraiser

“LetsTalkJenna.org” is a non-profit organization that looks to help people who may be confronted with mental illness, depression, bullying and thoughts of suicide, by identifying the signals and to create a meaningful dialog that aids the people confronted with these situations and their families.

To achieve this we provide information, initiate communication about mental illness, depression, bullying and suicide prevention with the communities we serve, as well as an outreach source of trained professional help organizations for the betterment of all involved, as well as self-confidence tools that are available.

Through events like our softball fundraiser, the “Jenna Fun” walk, talk and run event, scholarship fund and on-line web items we hope to promote real awareness and communication on difficult issues of mental illness, depression, bullying and thoughts of suicide within the community and promote change and influence people to seek help in the first step for a better tomorrow that will assist in stopping the pain.

“Together we can help stop the pain”

“Let’s Talk Jenna” was established by the friends and family of Jenna Ungrady, an eleventh grader who attended Mayfield High School.

Her life tragically ended in August of 2013; sadly Jenna suffered quietly from mental illness.

Our organization is determined to get schools more educated in the class rooms as well as our school's staff. We have a hot line that is Safe School Helpline® 800-4-1-VOICE (6423) ext. 359 you may call day or night for students, parents and teachers/staff to use to report threats of violence, depression and illegal activity that could harm children in our schools. Your call is private, confidential, and anonymous. No one knows our kids better than our communities. So let's work together and make it happen.

Our mission is “together we can help stop the pain” and with your support and your generous donations we can help to achieve this.

Please help us with this worthy cause with a donation.

Your generous donation is greatly appreciated and will be put to great use.

Thank you!