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Jenna’s Tragic Story...

Suicide Prevention Cleveland

Jenna died by suicide and you would have never known she was depressed by looking at her.

She was the life of the party and always smiling, however she spoke of suicide often to friends and around their families.

She told her friends, teachers and coaches, that she was seeking help and that her family was aware of her thoughts of suicide.

“Let’s Talk Jenna”

Let's Talk Jenna

However her family was unaware of this, no one would speak up and reach out about what Jenna was saying about her condition and her thoughts of suicide to her family and her parents.

“Let’s Talk Jenna” was started to get people to speak up regarding issues of mental illness, depression, bullying and thoughts of suicide and too reach out for professional help.

Our goal is to prevent this type of tragedy from happening to other young teens and their family.

The pain doesn’t end when you commit suicide, its passed on to friends and family…

“Speak up and reach-out, you could save a life”