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Building Self-Confidence Cleveland

Building Self-Confidence Cleveland

Does your teenager avoid a challenge or a task without even trying? Make excuses to skip school? Experiences mood changes? Is self-critical of him or herself? Becomes overly concerned about other people’s opinions of him/her?

Then you might not be aware of this but he/she may be a victim of bullying. 

Being a victim of bullying can lower a child’s self-confidence and wound him/her emotionally. If help is not sorted timely, the feelings of inadequacy that results from bullying can lead to the feeling of loneliness and life-long tendency of depression.

It also presents the increased risk of a wide range of mental health problems such as agoraphobia, panic disorder and anxiety. And not many parents know this, but according to the CDC (Center of Disease Control), a victim of bullying is between 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide.

It is apparent that bullying is a serious issue and must be dealt with timely before it’s too late. Your teenager may not be able to confide in you that he/she is being victimized; it’s you who have to take the action; understand your child’s behavior and provide him/her the emotional support and self-confidence they need to cope with it.

Adequate support and self-confidence can give your teenager the hope, the courage and the ability to stand up to bullies confidently.

Importance of Building Self-Confidence

Remember that bullying is about one person dominating over another. In other words, it’s about power. Repeated episodes of bullying can suppress your child and shatter him/her emotionally and mentally. In such children, self-confidence is much needed.

Developing self-confidence in victims of bullying is important as it can help:

  • Develop greater self-worth
  • Confront bullies
  • Make life happier
  • Free your child of self-doubt, fear and anxiety, translating it into greater peace of mind
  • Make him/her feel stronger and more powerful

Steps to Build Self-Confidence in Children

Here are some steps to build self-confidence in your child, which are much needed to face bullies without any fear and avoid being a victim:

Building Self-Confidence Cleveland

Show Respect

It all starts by giving respect to your teen at home.  Try to show respect when you address him/her.

Building Self-Confidence Cleveland

Lend an Ear

Listen to the fears and concerns of your teen instead of dismissing them as childhood angst. Let them be heard to show that you value his/her feelings & opinions.

When you will talk out with your teenager and give him/her a voice in the family’s important decisions, he/she will feel more valued, confident and willing to share what’s bothering him/her instead of keeping everything bottled up inside.

Building Self-Confidence Cleveland

Become a Role Model

Children learn by example. Try to become a role model for your teen by addressing problems in front of him/her with a positive outlook and displaying self-confidence.

This will help your child develop confidence; and take on and cope with life challenges with a positive attitude and courage without giving up quickly.

Building Self-Confidence Cleveland

Seek Professional Help

If your teenager has a very low self-esteem that makes him self-doubt and you often find him/her mentioning suicide, then it is advisable to seek professional help.

A professional might be able to identify the deeper cause of low self-confidence and suggest a treatment plan accordingly.

For professional help, reach out to ‘Let’s Talk Jenna’! We can provide the help and support your teenager needs. We will listen, talk and help your teenager.

We will work together with you and your teenager to help him/her build self-confidence and combat bullies. Call on toll-free number 800-4-1-VOICE (86423) ext 359!

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