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Stop Bullying Cleveland

Stop Bullying Cleveland

Bullying in schools has become quite common but it should most certainly not be viewed as a part of life, or part of growing up as it can do great deal of damage to the victims. It’s unfortunate that many parents are unaware that their child is a victim to bullying.

This is because victims are reluctant to report bullying to their teachers or parents because they are either embarrassed or feel humiliated by it. They assume that there is nothing that can be done to get the bully to stop. Therefore as a concerned parent, it is you who needs to be alert and observant; and make sure that your child isn’t a victim of bullying.

How Bullying Affects Victims?

Bullying can lead to social problems, emotional problems and physical injuries. Studies show that victims of bullying are a high risk of developing mental health problems like depression, headaches and anxiety problems. It can also make them lose their self-confidence, interest in school and negatively impact their academic performance.

Bullying in schools can include:

  • Verbal harassment
  • Hitting and kicking
  • Teasing
  • Name calling
  • Spreading rumors
  • Damaging possessions
  • Frightening
  • Exclusion at playtime

No matter what kind of bullying your child is a victim of, it’s important to address it right away because it can threaten your child’s safety, personal development and impact his/her academic performance.

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 How to tell if Your Child is being bullied?

Though your child may not tell you upfront that he/she is being victimized but you can always observe the behavioral changes that are common among victims of bullying and can provide him/her the help they need to cope and avoid be bullied. Here are some behavioral changes to observe:

  • Anxiety
  • Unwillingness to go to school
  • Irritability
  • Feeling unwell
  • Bedwetting
  • Damaged or missing belongings
  • Have bruises or scratches but can’t give a logical explanation for how he/she got them
  • Loses interest in school work
  • Grades drop
  • Appears sad and depressed
  • Seems socially isolated

What Can You Do to Help Your Child?

If you know or suspect that your child is being bullied, then here’s what you should do:

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Talk With Your Child

Sit with your child and talk it out. Explain him/her that bullying is unacceptable and he/she doesn’t need to put up with it. Let your child know that you are there to support him/her and you’ll do whatever it takes to stop it.

This will help build trust between you and your child, allow your child to be vocal about the problem and make him/her feel that they are not alone in this quest.

Stop Bullying Cleveland

Set a Good Example

The best way to help your child cope with challenges of life is to set an example. Become a role model for him/her.

Teach him/her how to deal with problems with a positive approach and display self-confidence.

Stop Bullying Cleveland

Coach Your Child on How to react to it

Coach your child on how to deal with bullies by exhibiting confidence and tell them that they should go to the teacher immediately if they feel unsafe and threatened.

Stop Bullying Cleveland

Get Help

If you are worried that things are not getting better, then it is a good idea to approach a professional for help. Getting professional support can make a difference and give your child the confidence he/she needs to avoid be bullied.

For professional help, get in touch with ‘Let’s Talk Jenna’. Here we listen, talk and provide help to children from be bullied at school. Call us on our toll free number 800-4-1-VOICE (86423) ext 359.

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